Opportunities Pending Follow Up Daily Report


The Opportunities Pending Follow Up Daily Report gives details about Opportunities that are recorded in the application but have missed follow-up action from sales owners (employees with manager or owner role permissions) of the Center. Getting in touch with guests is important because they represent a source of revenue for your center. Sales owners must try and convert these opportunities into actual sales – and that’s the reason why this report is a very important Daily Report.

The Opportunities Pending Follow-Up Report is a Daily Report that is sent to the sales owners or managers for a given center/organization at the end of the day.

Example: You can view the Opportunities Pending Follow Up report to quickly get a sense of opportunities you are missing. You can look at the report to view details of the opportunity, the name of the guest, and follow-up date to take some quick decisions around the priority of actions for the following day (such as giving calls to guests, making notes against each guest/opportunity).


To view the Opportunities Pending Follow-Up Report:

  1. Ensure that you are at the Center level.
  2. From the main menu, click the Admin tab.
    The Admin Dashboard opens.
  3. Expand Reports from the left panel.
  4. Click  Daily Reports.
  5. From the Select a Report drop-down list box, select Opportunities Pending Follow-Up .
    Note: The report is listed under the section For the Day > Operational.
  6. Specify the date for which you wish to run the report.
  7. Click Refresh.
    The Opportunities Pending Follow Up Report appears.
    Note: To export the report, on the top right side of the report, click the Excel or .CSV icons .

Filter Criteria

Criteria Options Description
Type of Report Opportunities Pending Follow Up Select this option if you want to run the report to view the opportunities that are pending follow-up – that is, opportunities that are missed and need follow-up action from sales owners or managers.
Time Period Specify a date You can use the front and back arrows to specify a date closer to the date already selected. Or, you could open up the calendar pop-up to jump across months/years and then specify a date.
Note: Since this is a daily report, you can specify only one date (and not a date range).

 Column Descriptions

Note: You can click all the column titles to sort them in ascending or descending order. 

Column Descriptions
Opportunity# Displays the opportunity number. Clicking the number opens the Edit Opportunity window where you can view further details about the opportunity.
Title The title of the opportunity. This field corresponds to the Name of the opportunity and displays the information listed under that field.
Sales Owner The name of the sales owners at the center.
Guest The name of the guest. You can click the name of the guest to view further details about the guest. The name of the guest links to the Edit Guest window under Loyalty > Manage Guests > Guest Name.
Status Displays the Status of the Opportunity such as Lead, Prospect, Active, On Hold, Won, Lost.

Example: If you run a business around slimming and weight loss, a guest who has called in to enquire about your slimming related treatments and services is a Prospect. If the same guest comes into your Center for a Service, the guest is in the Active status.

When the guest walked in for a service, you told her about your packages and membership benefits and the guest was willing to buy a package (has money and is willing to spend it), but perhaps after one month because she had some travel plans, then the opportunity status is a Lead. Once the guest buys a membership or a package, the opportunity status is Won.

If the guest is non-committal about buying any services, memberships, packages, or pProducts, the opportunity is On Hold and if the guest is not happy with the services, gives bad feedback and is sure she will not come back to you for any services, memberships, packages, or products then the Opportunity is Lost.

Follow-up Date Displays the follow-up date for the guest. Sales owners need to follow up with guests on this date enter any further observations.